Why I am Bullish on Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol


IM support

DAO support

NFT support

Yield Farming support

Governance support

Achievements :

Cross-Chain DID aggregator

ROCOCO testnet launched

Incubated by top communities in DEFI

WEB3 grant and substrate program

Successful pre-IDO on GenPad

Token Economic Model

  • Settlement: The price of the Ad and the price of the token will jointly determine the number of rewards the user will receive for a single advertising campaign.
  • Bidding: Use tokens to bid for advertising opportunities.
  • Synthesizing: Use AD3 to generate social coins and NFT.
  • Paying: AD3 will be used to pay operation fee.
  • Governance: Vote and adjust the chain parameter.
  • Staking: Stake tokens for mining and community development.

Road Map

Check out the Partners

Check out the Team

Dorian — Core Architect

Mono Wang — Core Dev

Edison — Core Dev




funny interesting day to day life videos and crypto assets #btc #eth

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GnG Surprize

funny interesting day to day life videos and crypto assets #btc #eth

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